Our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more...

Advisors, Associates, Executives and the people responsible for turning this idea into reality...

Jeff Conrad

Ty Martinez

Steve Becker
IT l Security Systems

Veronica Smiley
Strategy l Media Relations

Gavin Grow
Director of IT

Alex Razzano
Creative Director

George Davis
Director of Design

Jacqueline Colli
Account Executive

John Andres
Account Executive

Ashley Billbe
Verification Manager



Brandon Watson
Talent Relations

Shance Boyd
Talent Relations

Reeves Nelson
Talent Relations

Jordan Kuker
Talent Relations 

Katie Welch
Talent Relations


RedZone Entertainment - Judi Stewart
Advisor l Investor

Kevin Acebo
Political Advisor & Strategist

Nick Martinez
Biz Dev l Advisors

Richard Moreno
Biz Dev l Advisors