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Jennifer Colli, founder & CEO of Who Has It?, is an esteemed and formidable fashion and entertainment executive recognized as one of the leading innovators in the digital commerce space. She has conceptualized and founded an ecosystem that many market veterans believe will become the dominant digital 'purchase hub' in the US $3.8 Trillion fashion industry. 

Drawing from her own experiences as an avid fashion consumer, she recognized that 'Who Has It' was the first question every fan and every consumer ask when looking for a product. 

Jennifer saw a chance to connect the dots for consumers, brands, retailers, and celebrities and to make the entire e-commerce experience unique and personalized to each user.  In a recent interview, Jennifer said, "People want to browse, they want exclusive offers, and they want to be rewarded for being a fan. WhoHasIt's ecosystem connects people to the products and lifestyles that they love every day.'

Jennifer also expressed that one of the reasons behind starting WhoHasIt was her curiosity with the ever evolving amount of brands worldwide. 'Why can't my shopping experience have an easy button? Shopping should be convenient! -- If I want to shop, why should I be limited to shopping at my local mall? I want to shop in New York after hours and look through boutiques across the nation, why can't I?' 

Jennifer's capabilities as an entrepreneur can best be characterized as visionary. 'The space is rapidly changing, and we are at the forefront of a paradigm shift that will finally allow fashion to reach people globally.' 

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  Vision is the art of seeing things invisible 

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible 

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